The sourroundings offers a lot of options to spend your free time in any season. In summer, two outdoor open-air swiming pools (Banffy and Urmanczy) are open, or you can choose the walks in the resort or beautiful mountain areas around the guesthouse. The Banffy Wellnes Center is open in any season and is covered in winter. In winter, those who love winter sports can enjoy the Bradul ski slopes.


Toplita Waterfall
Toplita’s Thermal Waterfall is a monument of nature in a protected area and is in the immediate vicinity of the guesthouse. The thermal water comes from the Brad spring, in the resort with the same name, having a constant temperature of about 27 oC and a high content of calcium carbonate. Due to the travertine deposition, the waterfall continually changes its appearance.


wellness center Toplita
The wellness center is in the center of the resort and has two pools: one covered and one found in open-air usable in summer. The covered pool is also functional during winter, having an air temperature of 30 oC and 28 oC of water. The center also has 3 saunas, a fitness room and a massage room. The wet air is constantly recirculated for the convenience of tourists.


Banffy swiming pool
It is located in Banffy resort, about 500m from the guesthouse, in a superb location, surrounded by forest. It has two swimming pools: a large one with the size of 33x20m and a children’s pool. The swimming pools are supplied with thermal water with a constant temperature of 28 oC in any season. The resort has villas, camping areas, terraces, a sports ground and restaurants.


Urmanczy swiming pool
The Urmanczy swiming pool, has a view to the Carpathian Mountains and Tarnita Peak and is supplied with thermal water at 26-27 oC. The olympic size pool (50 × 20m) is the largest in the area. Children can enjoy two swimming pools: one semicircular for babies and one a little deeper for children older than 3 years. The little ones feel great, because they have a playground with a sand pit and swings.


Toplita ski slopes
The ski slope in Toplita is one of the newest and cheapest in the country and consists of two parts: the Bradul slope with a length of 1000m intended for beginners (125m difference, 11% inclination) and Magherus slope of 460m long, designed for advanced skiers (125m difference, 23% inclination). The slopes are equipped with a lift (with a capacity of 600 persons per hour) and they are illuminated at night and has artificial snow installations. Tourists can rent the equipment at the rental point specially arranged here.


Borsec ski slopes
During a day trip you can also ski on the Borsec ski slopes , 26 km away from Toplita. The slopes are equipped with a lift (720 persons / hour) serving three well-arranged runs with different levels of difficulty. The main ski slope is equipped with night illumination and artificial snow installations. At the base of the slopes there is a rental equipment point and a restaurant.


fishing Toplita
Liberty Fishing & Recreation offers for anyone passionate with fishing, a fishing lake (about 10000 cubic meters) opened during the day and night. In winter when the temperature allows, two areas for ice skating and hockey are arranged on the lake, about 2000 square meters, so the recreation center is open practically no matter what the season is.


horse riding Toplita
Riding enthusiasts can take riding lessons or take part in horse rides (for one or three people at most), the true challenge and beauty of Equestrian Tourism. During these excursions, under the careful supervision of an equestrian guide, you can admire the gorgeous mountain landscapes and visit the Ghiurghiu Mountains.


Sf. Ilie monastery
The monastery is located in a splendid garden whose natural beauty has been accomplished over time by its diligent living creatures, continuing the tradition of Romanian spirituality from these lands at the foot of the Caliman Mountains.


Doamnei Monastery
The “Doamnei” Monastery in Moglanesti was founded in 1658 by Mrs. Safta, the wife of moldavian Gheorghe Stefan. The wooden church is declared a historic monument, knowing several stages of restoration. The painting of the church was made on canvas in 1981. Since 1999 the monastery has been inhabited by monks.


The Red Lake
The Red Lake is a natural lake formed by the collapse of a mountain slope caused by the earthquake in 1838. The lake is located at 983m altitude and his perimeter measures about 2,800m. The lake area has a pleasant micro-climate that is very beneficial for the treatment of exhaustion, insomnia, etc. Extremely clean mountain air, rich in natural aerosols, provides excellent conditions for those seeking natural regeneration.


Bicaz Canyon
Bicaz Canyon is a very beautiful geographical area in Romania. It was formed thanks to the Bicaz River, which has been making its sandstone along the limestone cliffs, over 6km from the Red Lake to the downstream Bicazul Ardelean, crossed by the trans-Carpathian road DN12C that links Transylvania to Moldova. Bicaz Canyon is being included in the “Cheile Bicazului – Hashmas” National Park.